Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dick Collins Firetrails 50M 2011 - uhhhhhhhhhhh

I was ultra lucky to start and finish.

No blog necessary. Short and to the point. I sharted (look it up), then I started late, caught up to friends, fell hard mile 4, finished, drank one tasty Guinness, went on horrible date, sick for three days.

I know, I am usually positive. Here's the positive...

Dave Mackey (Tamalpa Runners) Wins again.

Team Quicksilver Running Club:
2nd Chris Calzetta (Welcome to the club and team, Chris!)
3rd Jean Pommier
5th Toshi Hozaka
8th Pierre Couteau
12th Mark Tanaka

and the ladies...

Roxanne Woodhouse (SWEAT RC) battles Jen and Bree again to win!

Team Quicksilver:
3rd Bree Lambert
4th Adona Ramos
5th Clare Abram
7th Amy Burton

Thanks for the photo Mark.