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January Sunrise to Coyote Two Moonrise - C2M - 2011 Coyote Two Moon 100 Mile Endurance Run

I am lucky because the Race Director of Coyote Two Moon (C2M), Chris "Buffoon" Scott, made a grand decision to cancel C2M mid-fun-run in order to make sure we all got home to our loved ones. I am Ultra-Lucky, because I wasn't going to stop for anything but a direct order. Otherwise, the howling storm surely would have had its way with me between miles 87 to 93.

I go back to December, only 4 months ago, when a tragic personal loss led to my subsequent financial hardship and put me into a deep funk and rapid weight gain of 30 lbs in one month. A few weeks later, in January, I went to the hospital because I couldn't see or stand up straight. I was diagnosed with vertigo.

I guess I was lucky that I only had vertigo, and very lucky to have such a great family and friend base to help me move forward with my life. I just "stalled out going up hill", and desperately was waiting for that "down hill" to arrive. And there it was, on January 21st, my downhill run.

As a personal trainer, I knew what to do, but couldn't do it by myself. I turned to colleagues and mentors for additional help. In January, I called up an past  mentor of mine, Dr. Mike Nichols of The Tempus Clinic (, to send me his  "phase 1 meal plan". This plan is usually for insulin resistant patients of his or those suffering from metabolic syndrome. I started it on Monday, January 24th. This consists of lean protein and limited vegetables only. No Alcohol, no caffeine, no fruits, no roots veggies, no grains, breads, or cereals, but plenty of water. While this called for 30 days, I only lasted 16 days.  I was freaking out. Shaking, anxious, restless, unsettled,  and moody - I needed my sugar dammit. I was doing light resistance circuits and jogging for 30 to 45 minutes 5 days per week. I even attempted to run the Fremont Fat Ass 50K. I was able to complete 23 miles. It was flat and very difficult to maintain energy with only water, chicken, and raw veggies. All in total, I lost 11.8 pounds in 16 days. At that 16th day, I was so drained and lacked so much energy, that I needed to get those much needed carbohydrates. So, back to fruits, grains, roots, and a glass or two of wine from time to time.

I had been doing all this without clearance from my Neurologist to start running or exercising. I didn't tell Dr. Mike I was going to start running, because I knew his take on ultrarunning (not what any of us want to hear). Feeling lucky? I don't think so, I just knew I couldn't just sit around.  On February 13th, friends and fellow ultra runners put on Los Gatos Overgrown Fat Ass 50K. This is a monster with about 7,000 of elevation gain. Again, I only was able to complete 22 miles, and plenty of hiking. A few days later I met with my nuerologist, and he gave me clearance to continue. So, I run the Saratoga Fat Ass 50K February 20th in the snow, but only 15 miles. Wasn't prepared for the snow, rain, and cold. But, it did prepare me for Coyote Two Moon.

I was committed to C2M, but wasn't going to be at full strength. Who cares? This looks like fun and I am in this game to finish. The main component to this whole thing, was friend and fellow running buddy, Dan "Ducky" Decker. The nicknames used are those given by Chris Scott, Chief Idiot, or Buffoon as he is known at C2M. My nickname, Spritz. I have know reason why. I don't drink Spritzers, I don't make Spritz cookies, I don't use hair spray, but I do like to do Sprintz. Maybe he thought I was gay. Anyway, back to my married and also not gay friend, Ducky. This is hysterical and probably not PC. Oh well. Dan had already planned on going down to C2M to volunteer at Lion Canyon, so he said we could go down together and he could crew for me after his duties were done. He participated in C2M in 2010 and prepared me for the super storm that would eventually come about. The most important thing Ducky did was get me ready by running with me, motivating me, and making sure I was gonna be ready. We repeatedly went up and up and up Kennedy Trail in Los Gatos and extended our distances on our home turf, Quicksilver. Dan, you are the man! I also know my running club mates of Quicksilver Running Club were there for me too. Yoga was a big part of increasing my core strength, as well as getting my flexibility and Range of Motion back in my hips. Additionally, I knew I need to crank up my high heart rate variability power training, so I went to CrossFit for three weeks to really hit my Anaerobic Thresholds. Thanks to Marnel and Jason at My legs are crushed... YES! I have now lost another 8.6 pounds and feel great. I wasn't happy that I couldn't get down to 190, but 201 will have to do. Desired Race Weight is 185. Go Fat Man!!!!

I only did a one week Taper to Start:
Protein Load for Three Days.
Sunday - 60 minute run on New Almaden Trail
Tuesday - 45 minute run on Road
Carb Load for 3 days
Thursday - 7.5 Mile Fun run and Friendly Sprint Competition with Buffoon and friends at Pt. Mugu.
Thursday Night - Bowl with Mootah Moons and Drink Guinness Beer (Carb Load) because you enjoy it.
Friday - Kept thinking to myself, "What the F#$% were you thinking yesterday?"
Friday - Last Meal Request - Pizza, Pasta, and Glass of Red wine (Because I enjoy all three)
Friday - Oh, I remembered repeatedly, this is about the game and bonus minutes.
Friday at 9pm - Start of C2M group M2

Thursday night, we had C2M bowling night in Ventura. Our team was Mootah (for Utah) Moons: Wini and Lee Jebian (who have run in Utah), the Willie Lambert Family (alll 5 of them from Utah), Dan Decker (went to BYU in Utah) and me, we I drove through Utah once. There was an option to have a bowling shirt with your assigned nickname on it. But, that was gonna cost some more money, and remember, this dude is "po". So, reach into my closet and I find a old "bowling looking" shirt. When we arrived, we received our "schwag bags", used bowling shoes, and lane assignments.

Greg Lanctot goes over his materials before starting the Coyote Two Moon 100 mile run at Thacher School in Ojai. This was Lanctot's third 100 mile run.

Courtesy of Ventura County Star: Photo by Juan Carlo

Ventura County Star Article:

In the bag  and at the start of the race was the following:
Patagonia 1/2 Zip Powder Jacket
Patagonia 1/2 zip Long Sleeve Shirt
Patagonia Beanie
1- Pair of DryMax Socks (had to view Demo first)
1 -  huge Coffee mug with Coyote's on it
1 -  "Tribute to the Trails" Calendar by Glenn Tachiyama and Wendy Wheeler Jacobs
3- PR Bars 1800-397-5556  w/ two Brochures and a Meal Plan (Double Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut, Yogurt Berry) - All Tasty
1 - Box of Jitterbeans
3 - Hammer Gels (25 mg caffeine -Tropical Flavor) and 1 brochure - mmmm good.
3 - Oral Labs - Lip Naturals  spf 15 chapstick
6 - Water Gel "Muscle gels" - Pain relieving analgesic (ouch)
3 - Sun X - 30+ psf sunscreen packs
3 - Ivy X - Pre- Contact Towellette - NO POISON OAK on this run... woooo!
2 - IvyX - Post Contact Toweletes
1 - Crest Glide Dental Floss
1 - Nuun sample - Mango
1 - Zombie Runner Pen, Free Shipping Card, and One pack atomic Energy gum
1- Tazo Tea - "Awake" Black Tea
1- Citrus Bath soap
1 - Room Key to Crystal Inn Suites
1 - EO body lotion
1- used bottle Cream rinse
1 - used mini btl of Pantene shampoo
1 - used movie from Blockbuster "Quarantine" - looks friggn scary
1 - "Test Pilot" dog tag for airman or airwoman
1- Brochure for Oahu
1 - Monthly Planner for 2009
3 - 10$ off Sports Authority Coupons
1 - Alamo Rental Car Map for DC area
32 - brochures for Goodrich's Maple Farm in Vermont
1 - brochure for Straw Built Museum in South Dakota
1 - brochure for Autumn in New Hampshire
1 - brochure for Ojai Wordfest
1 - brochure for Blue Spring Caverns in Indiana
1 - brochure for Muhammad Ali cneter in Kentucky
1 - brochure for Hot Air Ballooning in Plano TX
1 - brochure for Big Sky Waterpark in Montana
1 - brochure for Elk Country
1 - brochure for Buggy Rides in Lancaster PA
4 - brochures for Hornblower Cruises in SF Bay
1 - brochure for Fried Green Tomatoes Cafe in Alabama
1 - brochure for Al Unser Racing Museum, Indy
1 - brochure for Birmingham museum of art
1 - Postcard for Table Mountain Inn colorado
1 - brochure for BOB - T Tack SHop in Lancaster, Ontario
1 - brochure for GreyBull Wyoming
4 - brochures for Hendersonville, Flat Rock North Carolina
1- decaffeinated coffee for Hyatt Hotel Coffee maker
1 - brochure of The wineries of Alabama
1 - brochure of Aliceville Museam in Alabama
1 - brochure for Green Mountain Hooked Rugs in Vermont
1 - brochure to Elect Ed Clark
1 - brochure of Great Waters Music Festival in MA
1 - brochure for Harpoon Brewery in VT
1 - brochure for Vermont Teddy Bears VT
1 - brochure for Casino De Montreal
I CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP>>> all these brochures are in my schwag bag...and there's more
1 - brochure for Lizards and Snakes at Lafayette Science museum in LA
1 - brochure for Cajun Jacks swamp tours in LA
1 - brochure for Heritage Guest Ranch in NE
1 - brochure for the Phantom of the Opera in NY
1 - brochure for Fossil Butte in WY
1 - brochure for Crazy Horse High COuntry NE
1 - brochure for Deerfield Valley Zipline Canopy TOurs in MA
1 - brochure for the NBA Store in New York City.

And you ask why I listed all these, well, the RD gives you Bonus minutes towards your finishing time. And for some as slow as me, I need bonus minutes. See:

My bonus minutes started with replying in a prompt manner to the RD's emails. Such as, what color shirt and jacket do you want from Pantagonia. Or, will you will bowling? Don't answer these questions promptly and you get Boner minutes. These will negatively effect your finish time.

Write a Limerick and Haiku for Bonus Minutes. See mine below:

The Two Moons raise lots of blue dicks*
In the mountains running with hot chicks
So the one’s that I have gleaned
Were fresh and so clean
Only to give me blue balls** in the sticks

*Blue Dicks are actual flowers also know as PurpleHeads. You pick.
** Blue Balls are... well you know what they are.


Howling at the Moons
Basketball Tourney Madness
SDSU wins?

Joe Farrage

WED March 16th, 2011
Dan and I drove down Wednesday in order to participate in the Fun-run at Pt Mugu State park on Thursday Morning.

THURSDAY March 17th, 2011
There, at Ray's Trailhead, I got to finally meet the Buffoon and his wife Sue for the Quad Sprint Competition. There were several other participants wearing crazy green hats for St Patricks Day. Dan and I ran with Mauricio another vet of C2M and local to the area. Thanks Mauricio. We were to run a 7.5 mile loop in the La Jolla Canyon and finish with 4 sprints between 150 and 600 meters. While I am proud to thump my chest and reveal that I won these sprints, I stupidly jacked up my right foot to earn bonus minutes. But, because I just said that, I probably just earned some Boner minutes. The buffoon is watching your every move and giving out bonus/boner minutes at all times.  That's why we are at this event... TO PARTICIPATE in all C2M has to offer and let the buffoon know we aren't at the event just to show up, pick-up your jacket, run, and leave.

After a few snacks and beverages, Dan and I took off to find the San Diego State basketball game. This is the first year I can remember missing the opening weekend of basketball games. At least, I got to watch one game, and they did crush Northern Colorado. Go Aztecs!

Later that night, we headed into Ventura to meet up with fellow runners, volunteers, sponsors, and others for Bowling Night. We also picked up our "bag of goodies". Suh-weeeeeeeeeeeeet PANTAGONIA stuff. You saw my list above. (see when I send this blog to the Buffoon, I will earn bonus minutes for that list, and then boner minutes for using the word "race" or  something selfish. For example: I actually saw someone roll up with there own bowling ball and shoes, only to throw a handful of gutter balls. Bonus or boner minutes?
Perhaps I was doing well, I had a few strikes and a few spares, and many adult beverages. So did Dan, and the moment of truth occurred in the 9th frame. Dan took off his jacket, walked up to the lane and stood there for at least a minute without moving. Uh-oh, what's happening we wondered. He focused and focused, we heckled and heckled. Dan Bowled a strike. woooooooooooo! Dan's turn again in the 10th frame. Same thing all over again. And, another strike. WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dan went to sit down, but we told him "you're still bowling dude, it's the 10th frame!". Guess what? Yep, another Strike! WHOAH!!! That's three in a row... Gobble Gobble Gobble the score board went. He's got one more ball, and I told him he only needed 6 pins to beat me. Guess what? Yep he got 6 pins for a 145. Nice bowling Ducky!!!

Perhaps we all wanted to bowl 300's or just didn't bowl gutter balls all night. Nonetheless, the point was to have fun, get to know one another, and get cool prizes from the Buffoon after. And everyone got something. Team by team, he called up the teams and gave them individual prizes. One team got Black Diamond headlamps, another got Coyote hats, another got crazy t-shirts, another Luau Shirts and Hawaiian nuts & chocolate. Buffon even called up the kids got Coyote Puppets.

To see some photos of bowlers and  one of Karl Meltzer in a homemade Speedgoat Bowling Outfit (bonus minutes), please go to the Coyote Two Moon facebook page at :

Okay, so you've made it this far, four pages and we haven't even got to the "fun-run" yet. So, we go ..."back to the hotel, motel, holiday innnnnn." (someone from the 90's sang that). No, not the HI, we actually were staying at the Ojai Inn for only $85/night. Great deal, nice hoteliers, and great continental breakfast.

go to :

FRIDAY March 18th, 2011

Wake up and put together drop bags, maps, stretch, watch a little basketball, and then off to Bocalli's for a pre fun-run meal and  preparation and This place has such good food that we ate here twice during our stay. At 11:30, we wait in line for pasta and Pizza. We see an fellow northern California Ultrarunner, Rajeev Patel. He's having a glass of wine to get ready, so we must too. As we sit down, we get briefed by RD, Chris "Buffoon" Scott, and entertained by the Pantagonia Ultra Team. Oh look, there's Jeff Browing singing, howling, a coyote tune with back -up dancers. huh? I think it went something like "Valery - Valeri, Valery, valer- ah ah ah ah ah". Half the crowd sung the Valery and half the crowd sung Valeri. Good thing we weren't doing solo's. We then finish off our lunch with the killer strawberry shortcake. WOW that was good.

I then head over to Thacher School to check-in. It's 130pm and I don't start until 9pm. If you read this far, then you must be in for the details of my C2M run. I end up setting up a lawn chair and sleeping bag next to the Dyatt family tent. I also noticed a dude with a table a a bunch of socks. Free Stuff? YES! I walked over to the table to meet with the Drymax representative. He did the most amazing demonstration. I had been given free drymax socks before, but had no idea what value they provided besides comfort. Never did I think they could make a sock that prevented your feet from getting wet. What a demo! Got a free pair of socks and now I know what their benefit is.  See : for your demo. Again, I hoping to be a "kiss-ass" to the RD for more bonus minutes by promoting his sponsors.

Please note since we the "fun-run" was cancelled mid event and the totals are still being calculated, I am still competing in the game. Yes, this run is also a game. The RD, Buffoon, actually reminds me of the dude in the movie series "SAW". Uh-oh, possible boner minutes. I hope this blog helps you engaged and compete for next years event - in 2012!

I am sorry I don't have pictures. I meant to bring my camera, but forgot it at home. I will attempt to borrow others photos from event.

It's 2pm, Friday, the first group of runners - M0 - head out on there 40 plus hour journey. I make final preparations and pick Dean Dyatt's brain for run information. His Dad and I play some whiffle ball while Dean and brother David try to nap before there 6pm start. They woke and thanked us for talking so loud so they couldn't actually nap. Bonus or Boner minutes? Shoot, I may get boner minutes for writing too much. Continuing on, I now recognized Dean from other C2M photos, he's dressed like the devil, in all red. Whoa!
It's 6pm and the M1 group starts up the 4 mile 3,000 foot climb - about 20 runners or so.

Now the sun is setting, I am getting a bit cold. So, I jump into the sleeping bag and try to sleep. Uh, that didn't work. They set up a nice runner tent and brief us about extra bonus minutes at about 845pm. They were as follows:
- Earn 15 bonus minutes for running a lap around the Thacher School playing field (about 400m).
- Earn 30 bonus minutes for picking up a 1 to 2lb rock in honor of Vicky (at Sisar Canyon A/S and carry it with your 7.5 miles and 4,600 feet to the top of Topa Topa (6,300ft the highest point of C2M).
Quoting the website:
To commemorate the enduring “Life!!” of Vicki Devita, a Coyote Veteran through all the formal years of Coyote FourPlay and into subsequent howling Coyote rallies.  Vicki embodied the playful spirit of C4P through all the challenging miles and at every community gathering.  Did anyone ever NOT see her smiling or laughing?  To honor Vicki, we hope to recognize an entrant who exudes such infectious “Joie de Vicki” in his/her participation at Two Moon.
- Earn 30 BONER minutes if you run the "previously mentioned" bonus lap and forget the rock. Game ON!
- Earn 60 Bonus minutes if you run TOPA TOPA an additional time..
- Earn bonus minutes for being a huge suck-up at aid stations or taking on challenges
- Earn Boner minutes for being an ass or whiner.

START of C2M for me.... it's 9pm and we have about 20 people in our group - M2
All of us but 4 decide to run the bonus lap.

We jog around the field and up the mountain. About a mile from the top of our 4 mile climb and it's foggy and drizzle begins. My strategy was to power walk "any and all up-hills" until mile 32.3. This was my conservation strategy and ended up walking 3 of the first 4 miles. When we got to the top, visibility was limited to 3 to 10 feet and now its raining and windy and a bit chilly. We run "carfefully" downhill 6.8 miles to our first aid A/S Sisar Canyon. I am the 4th one in and wondered if I going too fast. When we got there, I was greeted with a deck of cards. "Pick a card", Karen Said. We are now playing cards? No one knew why. So, I just remembered a 10 of spades. Now, I must cross the three streams going back out that I crossed going back in. I was overly cautious with these crossings because I didn't want to deal with wet feet too early in the race.
But, I made a critical error when I was on the last rock of the last stream, I misstepped and splash we have one wet foot.

The uniqueness of this course, is that you run along a ridge only to do do out'n'backs down and up the mountain. You always end back up on the ridge. When you look at the map, it looks like a squooshed bug.

Thanks to Jakob Hermann "Bull" for this rendering:
And he did this elevation profile too:

SATURDAY March 19th, 2011
When I got up to Lyon Canyon Aid Station, mile 17.1, I ran into A/S Captain Manley, his wife Mara, and Dan "Ducky" Decker. These were three of the 8 to 10 volunteers in the subfreezing and snowing conditions.
When I arrived, I was so glad to see my friend and Quicksilver Ultra Running Teammate, Dan. Always good to see a friend in Ultra's. The time was 2am and the temperature was 25 degrees per aid station. I was wearing brooks shorts, calf sleeves, a dryfit shirt, and an Acrteryx gore-tex jacket, glove liners, and brooks gloves with hand warmers. Needed the gore-tex gloves now and not at mile 81 drop bag. Not feeling cold, because I am moving well.

Now the climb up to Topa Topa. It's1.4 miles up and 1.4 down. When I got to the top, I dropped off my 1lb rock for Vicky. Up there was a nice shrine with Snow all over it. Reminded me of scenes out of Mt Everest Climbs with flags and signature items left at top of mountain. I drew a card, or should I say picked one, and it was the joker. I then looked up and the snow had stopped and the wind had calmed and the sky was clear. Stars and the moon were out. Amazing view! As I went back down, I could see the A/S and all the lights coming up the mountain.

"quick time-out":

I am a bit competitive, just a bit, okay, really competitive. But this wasn't an event to be racing, you just wanted to finish within your alloted time. In my case or our groups case, we had 37 hours to get back to Thacher School. Our group, M2, and in front of me were Tiffany and Wendell the whole event. The nice thing about this event is the out and back off the ridge allow you to greet fellow ultra runners over and over again. It's good motivation as we know, but as a competitor/finisher, you are able to gauge your time and distance from those your trail. Tiffany and Wendell stayed 1, 2 in our group while us mid-packers (myself, Karen, Ken, Jack, Rafael, Tin, Wiliam) jockeyed back and forth running with each other for the next 60 miles.

On the way up, I used the switch backs to ascend to the top.

On the way down, I went straight down the face. It was like skiing in powder, jumping in soft shale and rock dust 1/2 mile down Topa Topa. Had one little touchdown but other than that, the most fun I would have during C2M. My goal was one hour. I did it in 53 minutes and decided not to go up again for bonus 60 minutes. Pretty easy decision to make. I heard later that the elite guys/gals got up and down in less than 40 minutes. I also heard that Betsy Nye, Roch Horton, and Tetsuro went up for bonus minutes. Hardcore gamers, wooo! When I returned to the A/S, I dropped off my "joker" and told a joke.

What did one mushroom say to the other mushroom?

You're a fungi.

I am now bracing for 6 miles down hill into Rose Valley. But I first had to have another one of Mara's killer carnitas burritos. I later found out from a facebook post that she added homemade cilantro sour cream. Yum!

I heard it could get real cold during this section. Quite the opposite. Maybe because it was protected from wind, and I was running down hill, temperature wasn't a problem. I now saw the first members of M1 (started at 6pm) coming back at me. I figured they were 6, 7,and 8 miles ahead of me respectively. There was my buddy, Willie Lambert from the bowling team. Looking strong in his Hoka One shoes and "running/hiking sticks/poles", we chatted briefly, at we were on our way. A few miles later, I came up on my new friend, Dean "en fuego" Dyatt. Again, no one else engages in this event more that him and him brother David. Go to youtube and facebook to see that they put on a skit annually at every A/S to earn bonus minutes. I think they have done little red ridding in the hood gangster style, three little pigs in down jackets, and this year they did a "who's on first?" spoof. I didn't say anything to him, but I was worried that I made up 3 hours on him in 22 miles. He said the storm at the start was out of control. A few miles later, there was his brother. I realized they had done this before and knew what they were doing. Now I was worried about finishing too early and receiving "boner minutes" for running with the wrong group. If it wasn't for my medical issues back in December and weight gain, then I probably would have started at Midnight in M3. The game is doing well in my head and my body is feeling great.

When I got to the bottom, I drew another 10 of spades. I now find out we are playing poker. That gives me three 10's. I get some awesome soup, eat two grilled cheese sandwhiches, and I am off back up to the ridge. Feeling good and no rain or snow, clear skies down and back up. I crossed another 4 streams successfully and decide to run some of the hills. I felt good and didn't go fast. Just faster than power walking. I am now back at Lion Canyon A/S mile 32.3.

When I got there I was asked by a Volunteer, or as Buffoon calls them, "Vols", if I would do a shot off Jack Daniels for Bonus Minutes. 'Sure', I said. Thank you very much. I grabbed another one of Mara's carnitas specials, a banana, and was on my way to Ridge Junction - down 2.7 miles and up 4 miles. When I got to mile 39.1 RJ A/S I was at my lowest of the run. It's now about 10am and haven't slept for 28 hours. Something is going on but not quite sure what it is. I eat soup grab two pb and J's and I am on my way to Rose Valley.

This was a nice job along the ridge and then down a steep 2 mile stretch into Rose Valley for the second time. However, I am coming in from the other side of the canyon, a different route.  Just before I started descent into Rose Valley, I came across Tiffany. I asked how she was doing and she said "not too good". I figured out that she must have been two hours ahead of me at that time. When I got to the bottom, mile 46.3, I made a full pit stop, changed my oil, four tires, and homemade hashbrowns. ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME? Those hashbrowns rocked!!!! Ate another banana, a grilled cheese, can of coke, more chicken noodle soup, and pb and j for the road. But before, I have to thank Tim Schenone, co-owner of The Running Revolution in Campbell, and Quicksilver Ultra Running Team Sponsor, for giving me a pair of the new Brooks Cascasdia 6 to demo.

So, I put those bad-boys on and trekked UP the 2 mile hill that I just came down. I hiked this with Jack and Rafael. It took about an hour and 5 minutes. We're back on the ridge, and I feel tight. Jack and Rafael start running and I can't maintain their pace. I stop to stretch "everything", upper and lower body. It's about Noon, and it begins to snow. Pretty cool, snow during the day is much better than at night when your vision gets impaired. However, I am now heading down to Howard Creek A/S, mile 52.7, and I know that means rain at lower elevation. Sure enough, I get there, I made critical clothes change error at RV A/S by leaving my gore-tex shell in my drop bag. I thought I would be able to get to my next one at mile 64.5 without worry.  So, when I get there, I make another shoe change after 6 miles in the Cascadia 6.

Overall, I could tell that they had a lower profile from the previous year's model and I think the toe box might have been a bit roomier. They had a snugger fit, but I couldn't risk running more than this leg of C2M because, I couldn't afford any lower body issues with 50 miles togo. Honestly, my only personal issue with Brooks is the shoe doesn't do well for us "Clydesdale -Heavyweight Runners". The bio mogo seems to disolve and I need cushioning.  Uh-oh, possible "boner minutes" for mentioning non-shoe-sponsor. I will pump up the "Hoka Attendance" and cushioning later.

Before, I post my first blog, I will have to endure Brooks "comments", so I will also have to mention that our ultrarunning team will be wearing Brooks shirts in PAUSATF this year.

My shoe of choice the past three years has been the Nike Pegasus Trail. Except for two years ago, when the model made horrific changes, this shoe gives me no problems at all. never more than one or two baby blisters and a smooth ride for my only other 100 miler. The funny thing about two years ago when they ruined the deisgn, I went online finding all 12.5's I could on the net shipped from all different states. Good news was they were very inexpensive this way.

This aid station was very enthusiastic, some chick-vol comes running up to me, a few hundred yards from the a/s to see if she could help. She did and so did her friend-vol. This is the aid station I could see grooving out in a few hours as it got dark and more time went by. A/S vols were getting their heat-on. The BAR was FULLY LOADED!!!!! I denied myself a cocktail because I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have the right clothes on. I was worried that I had to go back up to the ridge and may not be fully prepared. I should have let myself enjoy the moment instead of stressing.

So, I jump in my brand spanking new shoes, put on a trash bag, and I am on my way up to Gridley Top all stressed out.

photo leaving Howard Creek A/S:

See Blake Wood photos at :

The ironic part of this photo is my well known gore-tex visor that I wear at almost every event. I think "hefty bag" will be very proud of this gore-tex moment. Run Fat Boy Run!!!

Oh, I must mention my poker hand now looks like this:
10 spades
Joker (good or bad? ... we don't know)
10 spades
8 spades (flush straightening)
6 clubs
9 spades (whoa, nice card)
Q clubs
8 diamonds (full house if joker is wild)

I head up the nice single track that I just came down. It's runnable, but I can't quite run the last two miles of it. Now, my power walk is just a stroll, and a few hundred yards from the top, my M2 mates, Jack and Rafael join me, and the first M3 dude catches us, and we are off and running, and pissing, and running, and pissing. This was a good sign. I had never, ever, gone peepee this much during an event. Jack estimated 50 times in 18 hours. I figured 30 times myself. This was my first time using Heed by Hammer. I always use Hammer Gels, but I really do think the Heed got me flowing. This is good as we know.


As we stroll into Gridley Top, we get the first glimpse of the BUFFOON dressed as a pig and his farm animal friends. Jack and Rafael rest, I am on my way. Buffoon says its 1 mile up, 1 mile down then 5 miles to Cozy Dell. 7 miles? I get going, the M3 Non-English-speaking-European-dude passes me going down, Oh, and there goes an M4 chick in hot pants passing me too. Goooooooooooo.

I am now about to rip down the single track to cozy dell. I rip off my gore-tex hefty bag (around my neck like a cape) and begin my free fall. I realize I am doing 7:30 /mile (for 4 miles) to the mile fire trail and Willie tells me I have another 2.5 miles to go. Oh shit, What? I have already done 6 miles in 75 minutes and I now have 2.5 plus the .5 mile I just did. I think I just found the extra mileage on this "fun-run". Two hours later, weather was perfect, and now I am at Cozy Dell, mile 64.5 or 68. There, my buddy, Dan is waiting. He had broken down Lion Canyon A/S and was now my crew and safety net. He had emergency gear in his truck if I needed it.  I changed into my new shirt, shell, beanie, grab my flashlight, and put the lamp on. I leave my water bottle with Dan  so I can have one hand free at night. I new the weather report was gonna provide snow, rain, and wind, so I better get moving. I had 9 miles back up to Gridley Top. This was the most discouraging part of the "fun-run". Everyone was complaining, admittedly me too, about the distance being off. So, now I realize that I am not the over planner out here. Enter Boner minutes.

I now get to say that running with GPS is good thing, and the products are exceptional. But, they have proven over and over that when switchbacks on hillsides are included, they often malfunction and take out of true distance. Please note that this is a 100 mile event, but only 96.8 miles are listed on maps by GPS. I always believed that the RD would have a 100 mile run be a 100 mile run. We just found the extra miles. Jakob thanks for the maps. They were very valuable and I will now pull you out from underneath the bus. Bonus and Boner Minutes.

Back to the 9 mile climb to Gridley Top. In my first two miles leaving Cozy Dell, a few 100mr's and many of 100kr's are heading towards me. Then, the first 100K man passes me. I thought he looked familiar earlier. I yelled out, "Eric". He stopped and looked at me funny. I then said, "Eric, it's Greg". He still looked confused as I told him he looked just like Eric Lee whom I paced as Western States last year. Same first name, wrong dude. How funny. I continue up. It's now completely dark and I not even to the 4 mile single track up to the ridge. Finally I get there, and it's all walking from here. Here come the first two 100K females passing me. Now, here comes my M2 friend, Ken to pass me. Whoa, now it's getting good. Here comes the stampede of "Elite's". Jeff Browning, was coming at me, so I laid a block on him and threw him into the mountain side so the others could catch him. Seriously, he started at 10am Saturday, a full 13 hours after me and he was roughly at mile 60-61 and I was at 69. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I got on my motorcycle that I stashed at the ridge and rode it to Gridley Top so Jeff wouldn't catch me. Major BONUS minutes. Within the next mile, 3 other M6 elites (one other was SpeedGoat Meltzer) headed down to Cozy Dell too. At the top, Ken was there and the snow started to drop in buckets, the wind was crazy at least 25 to 35 miles per hour. Visiblity was limited and the snow was covering the ground, crevices, rocks, and rabbit poop. I walked fast up to the top of this one mile fire trail blizzard and shuffled down the final mile on same firetrail to Gridley top. We are now at mile 72 or 75 for those of you scoring at home.

And now a word from our C2M sponsors:

Now for the Hoka One Update: These shoes were everywhere. The new proponent familiar to everyone was Karl Meltzer. He says it's all he runs in now. We chatted at the Pt Mugu Sprints and he chooses to run in the Bondi B road version and not the trail version. He likes the lower profile and is working on there next designs with them. All in all, I counted a minimum of 15 pairs out there. That's almost 10% of the field for both the 100M and 100K. Well done Hoka peeps. I will give them a try  during your next release because I liked the way everyone who wore them, raved about them as they bounced down the hills like rabbits and speedgoats.

See how well I suck-up to the RD's and their sponsors!

Now we gotta get serious...

Welcome to the "uh-oh moment" of C2M. Gridley top was the center of the world for all runners remaining. This was my second trip of three and mayhem was just beginning. I was feeling good (minus the wet gloves), a bit cold, but knew I had 6 miles down hill to my Mt Everest gear and gore-tex shoes. However, Karen popped in the tent and was a bit worried to go it alone. Ken had been there for a few minutes energizing and huddling with the 25 vols and runners in the A/S. I overheard Karen, so I told her that I would make sure she would get to the finish safely and that I wouldn't let  her go alone. She will admit that she wanted to drop several times earlier, but everyone kept her strong. What I learned about her on our first 4 mile climb out of Thacher is that she could "bike a Century ride" one week, run a 100 mile ultra the next, and then do an  IronMan/Woman triathlon the third week. I knew she was strong. I now realized that I needed her more than she needed me. Joining us was Ken. This was the second best part of the "fun-run". As Ken, Karen, and I we're running down, I thought I should share my hallucinations with them. Well, not a full-on mushroom or acid trip, but how certain things (bushes, rocks, trees, and more) looked like animals, faces, objects. We recognized that we saw the same things along the way, but probably didn't want to admit it. We were laughing as we we're running. Then I noticed this huge rock and we all thought it looked like a loaf of bread. Ken and I both saw similar things and he told me not to look at them too long with out fear of crashing. He said this is not the time to make a mistake. We all agreed, no risks, just get to the bottom so we could make a full wardrobe change. We were going  "downhill" 6 or so miles. This was getting hairy. The first mile was snow and the rest was rain. The single track, was now single stream. The hills were beginning to wash away and the rocks were everywhere. This was the most technical part of C2M and mix in some weather like this and it's getting exciting. The last mile Ken, moved o because he knew Karen and I had to make a wardrobe change and that would take 20 minutes or so. He was already for the last 17 miles. Before we got to the bottom, there goes Willie, non-English speaking European Dude, Mindy, Hannah, Tiffany, Wendell, chick with hot pants, and crazy skinny dude back up to Gridley Top.

SUNDAY March 20th, 2011

Karen and I pulled in to Gridley Bottom A/S at mile 81 or maybe 83/4 and said see you in a bit. As we went our separate ways we were told by the vols that "the race/fun-run has been cancelled... you can't go back up." Get ready for major BONER MINUTES. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?", I said. "No way, I got this..." She calmly said, "...we know you can do it, but there are people with barely any clothes on at all and aren't prepared for the whole night... can I get you some coffee?" Dan looked at me and said, "Well at least you didn't throw chairs and jump up and down like a 2nd grader." Huh? I later found out that someone was really disappointed and performed the previously mentioned act. Mile 81 or 84.  However you look at it. 27 hours of running walking, but more importantly, it was 5 days for incredible fun. I will be back next year to finish what I started.

Thanks to everyone - Vols, RD's Chris and Sue, Mara my favorite Chef, Dan my friend and Crew. Oh and thanks to the Motel 6 for "leaving your lights on".

see more photo's at Sean Holman's site:

Note: Dan and I didn't have a hotel room because we were suppose to be out all night running and crewing. The only thing we could find open at 130am was a Motel 6 in Ventura. They put us next to some amateur hookers, pimps, and drug dealers. They could have been a little more discreet. It's now 2am and the cops came - 6 cop cars to be exact. We got ourselves in the middle of a family dispute. "I love you honey, please come back home." When we heard the cop say through his loud speaker, "Please put the gun down". Dan and I were on the floor of our room. OH F#$% we said. Then I said, "I wish I was running C2M right now!" BONUS MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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