Monday, February 20, 2012

2011 Pacific Association / USATF Awards Banquet

I am ultra lucky to be able to represent such a great group of ultra runners - Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose - your 2011 USATF Chamipions of UltraRunning in the Pacific Association.

Not really part of the blogosphere for me, but I feel obilgated since Jean Pommier (Blog Master) couldn't make it because of his other work. He may be the hardest working, hardest running family man all while being a great friend to all. So, Jean, because you would have blogged the event if you were there, I do this for you and dedicate it to our club and utlrarunning friends.

I have to get something out of the way immediately...


This one of a kind Barbie was presented to me in "roast fashion" at the banquet by my friends and clubmates. For those that know me well, I can poke fun and anything or one, and it came back 1000% last night. I have never been more embarrassed and flush red in my life. Well, there was one other time, but we can't write that episode here.

What you see above is a one-of-a-kind "UltraBarbie Award" created by Clare Abram. This is frigg'n unbelievable. I now have an ultra running girlfriend. Never thought I would find you, Barbie. Notice the detail is this work of art: 100 Mile Buckle, Garmin, "You Dirty Girl" Gaiters, Compression Sleeves, Bandannas, Team Logo & UltraRunning Mag number (both stitched on), and the H20 bottle holder. (Clare, this is just genius.) It gets better though. When I got home and tucked her in (we had too much to drink), I noticed she was wearing hot pants, had bloody knees, scuffed shoes, and a sports bra. I thought since we just met, that I would let our relationship blossom on the trails and be a gentleman.

Now, back to the party.

The 15th Annual LDR (Long Distance Running) Awards Banquet was held in Oakland, CA and hosted by Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders Running Club at Scott's Seafood restaurant, Jack London Square.
The banquet was very professionally organized by Jeanine Holmlund of LMJSRC. The banquet featured UltraRunning but was dominated by Road Racing and Cross Country for distances inlcuding Marathon or shorter. Other clubs present inlcuded Tamalpa Runners, New Balance Excelsior, Strawberry Canyon TC, Buffalo Chips,  Asics Aggies, Transports, River City Rebels, Imapala, West Valley Joggers ans Striders, Stevens Creek Striders,  and Sweat RC.

Our guest speaker, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, is a 2008 Olympic Marathoner and holder of 5th fastest women's US marathon time. "Magda" breifly spoke about her career and what running has meant to her and her family. I will take one point from the speech to share and that was about how important it is to have others to run with.  Great point Magna.

Also present at the event  was Christine Kennedy of Tamalpa Runners. Interesting enough, she is very close to many of us Quicksilver Runners because of where she lives and owns her running shoe store in Los Gatos where many of us live. There has been so much buzz about Christine in our town, but this was truly her night. Not only was she recognized as the PA/USATF Runner of the Year, but she was the National Award Winner as the Masters Athlete of the Year, Runner of the Year, and numerous other "of the year" awards.
  • Named 2011 Masters Athlete of the Year by USA Track & Field’s Masters Committee.
  • Won USA Masters 5K, 10K and 15K titles in 2011.
  • Won 5K and Marathon at 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships.
  • 2011 Boston Marathon finish in 2:56:17, winning women's 55-59 division.
  • Started running at age 27, while an Irish citizen; native of Galway, Ireland.
  • Won Dublin Marathon in 1990 and 1991 with best finish time of 2:35:56.
  • Won 1989 Berlin Marathon in personal best 2:35:05.

The USATF also recognized Dave Mackey and Roxanne Woodhouse as the PA/USATF Ultrarunners of the Year. Dave Mackey is also the 2011 USA Ultrarunning Magazine Ultra Runner of the Year. Roxanne won three races this year inlcuding Dick Collins FT 50M, Whiskeytown 50K, and Last Chance 50K by one minute over rival Bree Lambert. Bree Got her at Tahoe Rim Trail 100M back in July. Bree will pace Roxanne at Western States 100 this year.

A few big names and veterans that also ran in the PAUSATF this year that aren't Quicksilver Runners were Ian Sharman, Jon Olsen, Erik Skaden, Todd Braje, Victor Ballesteros, Ray Sanchez, Brett Rivers, Mark Murray, Mark Lantz, Bill Dodson, and "Mr. T" Tim Fitzpatrick. On the ladies side veterans include, Jenny Capel, Caitlin Smith, Beverly Anderson-Abs, Suzanna Bon, Luane Park, Jamie Frink, Sarah Lavender-Smith, Larissa Polischuk, Julie Fingar, Barbara Elia, Barbara Ashe, and Eldrith Grosney.

This was my first awards banquet and Quicksilver Running Clubs third time as a participant. We have been a club for over 30 years, but never organized to race as a team or club. Three years ago we decided to get organized and run fast. 2011 makes the third consecutive year for the Men's Championship. This year we decided to really go for the Women's Championship. With new steroids and other PED's, we captured the Women's, Mixed, and Overall Team Championships. We also fared well individually capturing 7 of the 12 age division titles.

Your 2011 Champion performers are:

Ladies First...
Bree Lambert (Brooks)
Clare Abram W 40-49 Champ
Karen Bonnett W 50-59 Champ
Kat Powell W 60-69 Champ
Suzy Brewer
Amy Burton
Adona Ramos
Miki Yannoni

Jean Pommier M 40-49 Champ (Brooks)
Toshi Hosaka M 30-39 Champ Sean Lang M 20-29 Champ
Jim Magill M 60-69 Champ
Adam Blum
John Burton
Pierre Couteau
Dan Decker
Marco Denson
Chihping Fu
Daniel Garcia
Gary Gellin (INOV8)
Dr. Harris Goodman
Scott Laberge
Greg Lanctot
Larry Liu
Dr. Mark Tanaka (LaSportiva)
Eric Toschi

On behalf of the Quicksilver Running Club,  I personally apologize for all the blue and pink jerseys at all the races in Northern California.  We have run in way too many races, drank way too many beers, and won way to many awards. We promise to go get our asses handed to us in Washington and Oregon in 2012 starting at Chuckanut. More about that later this week.

May you all run fast, drink beers or your beverage of choice after races with friends and find your ultrarunning Barbie (running without earrings or make-up... other piercings ok) or GI Joe, or as I was corrected... it's frigg'n Ken. :-)

Yours in good health,
Greg Lanctot