Monday, May 9, 2011

Ultra Quick, Quickly, Quicker, Quickster, QUICKSILVER 50 Mile Endurance Record Run! - 2011 Quicksilver 50 Mile and 50K Endurance Runs

I am Ultra-Lucky to be part of such an amazing running club. While this is not an event that I ran in, I am part of the club that produces this event. In fact, the first year this event was created when I was in 8th grade, just a few miles from the start of the race. So for this blog, I will speak about the Quicksilver Running Club and ultra running teammates.

The Quicksilver Running Club was founded March 9th, 1856. Just kidding, it was about 30 years ago, some chick, some dude, wanted to get some drinking buddies together after long runs. Just kidding again. It has been 30 years, but I think we need to work on that club history.

I wasn't running this year because I am not that tough. I haven't run three ultra's in three weeks, EVER! And, I don't plan on doing it anytime soon. Ok... maybe.

I ran Ruth Anderson 50K last week and will be running Miwok 100K (I started this blog on May 3rd) this coming weekend (May 7th, Sausalito, CA). So, this week I will mark the first 9 miles of the course with Peter Hargreave (Steven's Creek Striders), help with runner check-ins, sponsors, MC-ing, amateur photography, amateur video, post-race food tasting, and beverage quality control.

530am runners checking in. Almaden Valley lights in background.

I see fellow Quicksilver Ultra Racing Teammates and wish them well.

50 Mile Men:
Gary "Jell'n" Gellin (2nd)
Eric "Big" Toschi (7th)
Dan "Upper" Decker (8th)
John "For Certain" Burton
Larry "TuTu" Liu
Chihping "Iron" Fu

50 Mile Woman:
Bree "Z" Lambert (1st)

50 K Men:
Jean "Sean" Pommier (2nd)
Sean "Jean" Lang (17th)
Toshi "Pimpn Chick'n" Hosaka (4th)

50K "Diva" Women:
Adona "Summer" Ramos (1st)
Miki "Gaga" Yannoni (3rd)
Karen "Underwood" Bonnett
Kat "Whitney" Powell

QSURT Runners (Toshi, John, Adona, Miki, and Dan at start)

Gary ready for a great finish!

Quicksilver Running Club Home Page 
Quicksilver Ultra Running Team page

Shirt Sponsor - The Running Revolution of Campbell and Santa Cruz

Now that we got the 50 milers and 50 k'ers off, I can go home get some breakfast, feed the dog, shower, and grab some coffee. When I return, I settle into my MCing duties. Basically, you run, I say what your number is, where you are from, and maybe a few facts I may now about you, or bad joke.
MC Greg

In all seriousness now, I am so glad that this "running club" has been in my backyard all these years. It just took a while to find it. I can't think of any situation that I have ever been in where people of all ages can get together and get along (or we fake it real good) while running ultra distances together and producing two running events per year. The other is the 1/2 marathon and 10K. I have yet to run this one, but help out as volunteer annually where needed. We also produce the Duncan Canyon Aid Station at mile 23 of Western States 100 every year. That's a good time too.

One thing these events all have in common is we know how to celebrate before, during, and after these little shindigs. I love food and I love "adult beverages" - in control of course.

If you have to run one Ultra besides Western States, then make sure it's the Quicksilver 50 Miler / 50K event in Almaden Quicksilver Park. All sorts of bbq meats, fish (even sushi), a handful of different salads, 15 different deserts including pies, ice cream, cakes, cookies, and brownies. And, more quality beers than we or participants can drink. The drinks of choice often include Guinness, Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, and lately Blue Moon.

Just a sampling of what's at finish.

To the race...

When I heard from Gary Gellin the morning of the race that Leor was running his first 50 miler today (meaning Quicksilver 50M), I was confused. I knew they were good friends and I thought Leor would win the 50K again while Gary wins the 50 mile event. Leor decides to go for the course the 50 mile record based upon information he received from Gary on Monday - Gary scouted the final 19 miles. That's a good friend for ya. Gary ends up getting second. In fact, Gary's second place finish of 6:29 was the third fastest time in the 28 year history of the run. Third place was almost a full hour later. Also turning in PR's for the 50 Mile distance were Quicksilver Running Club Ultra Racers  (QSURT), Eric Toschi (7:56) and Dan Decker (8:05), good for 7th and 8th place.
Leor (La Sportiva) and Gary (Innov-8) getting more post-race food.

Quicksilver Ultra Racer and Brooks Sponsored runner, Bree Lambert won the women's 50 Mile for the second time in four years.
Bree Lambert (Brooks) and Lauren Swigart (Pacer and former Kona IronWoman Winner).
Earlier, we had 50K finishers come through in very excting fashion. QSURT's own Adona Ramos won the women's 50K by 14 seconds over Nevada's Jennifer Pfeifer. QSURT's Miki Yannoni was third. Miki won the event last year.
Adona Ramos receiving 50K 1st Place Award from Pierre Couteau (RD).

In the men's field, new comer, Chris Calzetta of Monterey won the 50K with a 3:54. He edged QSURT'r and also Brooks sponsored runner, Jean Pommier (3:56) and Texas's Paul Terranova (3:59).
Jean Pommier (Brooks), Dan & Lisa Decker, Jim Magill. (Meredith & Paul Terranova in background).

Race Director, Pierre Couteau,  the Quicksilver Running Club and all the other volunteers pulled off another great event in San Jose, CA. 

I have so much more to say about the race, but you will have to read my race report in UltraRunning Magazine's 2011 July Issue.

Feel'n Lucky,

Greg Lanctot