Monday, June 27, 2011

Rain is very lucky: 2011 Calero & Rancho Canada Del Oro 50K 50M - Troy's California Trail Runs

I apologize for posting this Ultra blog over 3 weeks after the event. Quite simply, it's summer! With kids (my clients... I don't have kids... yet) getting out of school, my training business gets very busy. That's great news! Even better news is that the sun is finally shining and it's getting hot... Just in time for Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run from which I just returned from Duncan Canyon aid station and  race pacing duties.

Go back to Saturday, June 4th, and it's pouring. It's on record that the rain in June was the most ever on record, and this record was broken on the 4th day. I was ultra-lucky it rained this much because only 6 people showed up for the start of the 50K and 50 Mile runs. So, if all 6 of us finish, then we all podium.

I quickly reflect on my cherry picking blog last month. I now make an addendum... and note that "cherry pickers should check weather forecasts to take advantage of those races that see lots of DNS's (Did Not Start) for those who don't want to run in the challenging elements."

I will make this short because it was just miserable out there... and, well, this blog is late.

Rain, mud, river-like trails, wet clothes, and wet shoes for 32 miles. The good news was that it wasn't below 55 degrees. It was actually easy to finish this race compared to my Coyote Two Moon 100M experience in which the race (i mean fun run) was cancelled at "my" mile 84.

I am going to provide a link to fellow Ultra racing teammate John Burton because he properly blogged this race and told a much better story. For you Western States fans, you will know that it was born from the 100 mile Tevis Cup horse race. Winning my race was 3-time Tevis Cup winner Jeremy Reynolds, who happens to live in the area.

I really want to make sure that I plug (Free plug) Troy Limb and his races. He has not been ultra-lucky with his last two races affected by weather. Because he has such a big heart and really wants to create some exciting trail runs on never before "Ultra Used Trails", I want you all to try one of his events. Extremely well marked courses with plenty of distances for newbies and experienced ultrarunners alike, as well as perfectly stocked aid stations. See Troy's California Trail Run's. 

I now have to blog about Western States.